Today's Mission

The Story

Beat-Box is a project to celebrate music and the creation of your own noise device. Your task is to make wonderful sounds with your creation.

The Characters

This project repeats the same Character but with different sounds and colours

Their World

Our Beat-Box lives in a beautiful dark blue background

The Achievements

  • 🏵️ DJ: Create a Sound Mixer

  • 🏵️ Push the Button: Animate The Buttons to move when you press them

  • 🏵️ Rainbow Bright: Program the Buttons and the Background to change colour

  • 🏵️ Make My Own Way: Use My Blocks to create and customize our own program for the Buttons

Bonus Achievements

Look for the following achievements within the levels

Starter Project

For this level, we offer a starter project. It does not have any code, but it does include all the required Sprites. You may choose to use it or create all the Characters yourself

Choose Your Level

We have designed this game to be approachable to different levels of expertise. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. If you find it is too easy, go up one level, on the other hand, if you find it too challenging, go down one level, you'll get to Level 4 in time 🙂

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