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What is the Lunar Gateway Challenge?

The Lunar Gateway Challenge is an opportunity for you to help and inspire the international community by solving deep space exploration problems using robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Challenge revolves around the Lunar Gateway mission that Canada is embarking on alongside its partners (NASA, ESA and JAXA) to build a space station orbiting the Moon.

Your task for the challenge is to design an artificial intelligence (AI) robot to help in the mission. Then you will submit your creation for a chance to receive a week-long residency, complete with live virtual consultations with our team.

This guide will help you create your AI robot by teaching you key concepts such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Lunar Gateway itself.

Ways to use this guide

We are providing different ways for you to learn about these fascinating topics and submit your AI robot design. There are three different levels of engagement and discovery; let's go over them:

  1. If you already have an idea of the robot you want to submit, jump right onto the submission page, by clicking going to our Code in The Stars site.

  2. If you have some knowledge of the topics we are covering, and maybe don't have too much time to invest at the moment, go to our Lunar Gateway on the Run page. It will go over the main concepts and will guide you on how to submit your idea.

  3. Do you want to present all these concepts to your class? Use the provided Slide Deck presentation with helpful speaker notes that will guide and support you in the process.

  4. For a complete experience, go over any or all of the concepts listed in this guide. It is going to be a fun and informative experience!

What are we learning?

  • Facts about the Lunar Gateway space station

  • Identify and understand two of the main systems contributing to the success of the mission

    • Robotics

    • Artificial Intelligence

  • Apply the concepts learned by designing an AI robot to help space exploration

  • How to submit your idea to the Lunar Gateway Challenge

Tools needed to submit your idea

  • Computer

  • Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

  • Imagination and understanding of the topics covered on this site

🍎 Teacher's Corner - Options to learn and submit to the challenge

We have built this guide thinking of you and your students. This is the reason why we are providing different paths for you to explore and submit to the Lunar Gateway Challenge with your students.

Shortcuts to the different paths:

  1. I know all about space, robots and AI. I'm ready to submit. Go to our Code in the Stars site.

  2. I'm really short on time. Check our Lunar Gateway on the Run guide.

  3. I want the provided slides to present to my class and submit. Use our Slide deck.

  4. I would like my students and myself to explore each of the aspects of this amazing human feat and submit it once we are done with the material. Continue the guide by going to the next page, Survivor: Moon.

🌱 Sustainable Development Goals

Let's start with an activity to help us consider the dangers of space exploration; see you in Survivor: Moon.

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