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Extra Missions

Congratulations on all your excellent work learning and applying all these concepts. This section provides different ways to keep learning while implementing all the concepts in the guide.

Climate change facts to visualize

From the Data Science of Climate Change presentation at the Digital Moment's Summer Institute, 2022 by Lucie Luneau - Data Science of Climate Change by Lucie Luneau​
  • IPCC five temperature scenarios
  • Storm intensity and frequency
  • Heat waves intensity and frequency
  • Sea level rise
  • Where does CO2 come from?

Different uses of the hardware we worked with

There are multiple possibilities for using the tools in this guide outside of data visualization. These are some options:
  • Music visualizer with any of the tools we worked with.
  • Create an animated short scrolling on the neopixel matrix.
  • Create a neopixel clock with any of the tools we worked with.
Thank you for going over this guide. We hope you enjoyed and learned along the way.