Today's Mission

The Story

Planet Wind is a project to celebrate our planet Earth and promote clean energy to replace fossil fuels and help the environment. Your task is to collect wind power with a planet-shaped Sprite

The Characters

Their World

Our game lives in a beautiful bright sky

The Achievements

  • 🏵️ Sprite Mover: Control Sprite movement with your computer's keys

  • 🏵️ Spawn Caster: Create endless Sprites that move on their own

  • 🏵️ Can You Hear Me: Send messages between Sprites

  • 🏵️ Dolly: Create clones

Bonus Achievements

Look for the following achievements within the levels

🏵️The Professor

🏵️ Details, the Key is in the Details

🏵️The Tinkerer


Choose Your Level

We have designed this game to be approachable to different levels of expertise. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with. If you find it is too easy, go up one level, on the other hand, if you find it too challenging, go down one level, you'll get to Level 4 in time 🙂

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